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In the Gospel of Matthew

Matthew was a man who owned a tax collecting business. His life was focused on details. He records what happened from before the birth of Jesus to after His resurrection.

In The Gospel of Mark

Mark has a writing style that focuses on people who are not of Jewish heritage. He also targets a lot of the actions of Jesus.

Reading in the Gospel of Luke

Luke was a compassionate yet talented Doctor. He focuses more on the health issues and healings. He is a man of science and witnesses Jesus as He heals the masses.

The Gospel of John

John was not one who just followed religion, he followed the one he truly loved. John deeply loved Jesus, as a friend, a brother and as his Messiah.

Humanity is a Constant ~ Thus His Situations Stem From the Same Principles Your Situations Stem From

Bible Links Online

This site refers to scripture within the Bible. Is yours handy? If not there are a few options. There will be links to scriptures found on (This website has nothing to do with the
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Links in will include Bible Translations, but you can change to a translation that is easiest for you to understand. When a scripture sticks out in your mind check out a few different translations.

The Bible was written in 3 different languages, Hebrew, Arabic, and Greek. The New Testament was written in Greek. Different languages have different words and different sentence structures. Some words there are not translations for. An example would be Love - in Greek there are four different words for Love, yet in English there is only one word for the word love.

What's the purpose of "The Christ"?

What's the purpose of "The Christ"? "The Christ" is not mentioned in the Old Testament, but it is in the New Testament. So how can Jesus be "The Christ" as He fulfills a title in the Old Testament, nowhere is 'Christ' Mentioned. Why?

Christ is the Greek translation for the Messiah. The Old Testament was not written in Greek, but the New Testament was.

In the beginning of the Bible, God created man for a purpose. To be God's Friend. Adam and Eve walked and talked with God before there was sin. When they choose to sin they were separated from God. Their consequences brought forth curses as well as a birthright of a sinful nature. Our sinful choices also separate us from God. He misses personal relationships with people, so He sent His Son to earth. Jesus bridged the gap for us, so we can be one with Christ and have a personal relationship with God. IF we choose to seek Him. The Purpose of Christ was accomplished. John 19:30

Freedom to Reject

What if I don't believe He's my Savior. What if I do not believe in Jesus as The Christ, The Messiah, or The Son of God? Why does this matter to me?

Matthew 27:35-44; Mark 15:25-32; Luke 23:32-43; John 19:18-27

Jesus Died on the Cross Between 2 Men.
Jesus heard one reject Him.
Jesus heard one ask to not be forgotten.
Jesus did not speak to the first one.
Jesus did tell the second one that he would be with Jesus in paradise that day.

Jesus did not ever argue with people to believe in Him.

If you want to stand firm on your choice, then this site is probably not for you. Jesus did not ever force His way or His knowledge on anyone ... He only answered those who choose to seek Him.

Jesus knows what He hears from you.

What is the Cost?

How "FREE" is free? In the modern world it seems like there is always a catch ... so then what is the catch?
This website was also built for a purpose ...
Jesus did say there was a requirement ...

How "FREE" is free?
Jesus gave His Life for All who choose to seek Him.

The Purpose of this site is NOT to make money!

The Purpose of this site is to help you IF you choose to seek a deeper relationship with God through Christ Jesus the Messiah. There will be some items added that you can also purchase from this site, but the original intent of this site is not to sell you something, but for your choices to not cost you your soul.

There are some things that are more costly than gold.
This site is about What Jesus REALLY Did Do.

You can do 2 things to learn more about the truth you are seeking.
1 - Read the First Four Gospels in the New Testament (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) Pay attention to the how the situations describe the actions of Jesus through the verbs, adverbs and adjectives.
2 - Review this site and other places outside of the Bible for a deeper understanding.
Ask God to help you understand what He wants you to understand.

The Purpose of this site is to help you develop a better understanding of what Jesus went through,
Thus you will know that God does understand what you are going through - right now!

This site is constantly under updates and revisions, there is still more content to be added. ~ So Come back Daily!

All the publishers who have seen this content (before it was put online) had wanted to publish it into books … but through prayer … a choice was made to make this content available worldwide for free via posting this on a website. Please forgive the human hands who attempt to put this all together, feel free to comment about any errors that may have been made so corrections can be addressed.

Items sold on this site are designed to help fund the project, some international shipping is available depending on the country of destination. Items are also available via If churches, book stores, or groups want to purchase items in bulk for a discount, options are available on some products.

The Mission of This Site is to be an Instrument that God can Use to help anyone who wants to Seek more about Who He Is … to be able to easily understand Him. Seeking to believe Him and that Jesus is the Son of God, is all that is needed for salvation. Yet for those who want to hear God tell them “Job Well Done”, many miss how it is all off of Love. It is just that simple … Seek to believe in Him, and try to Love. First Love God, and then others as yourself.

Everyone has Personal Struggles.
So where do you go? How do you find hope?
Jesus did apply Principles in His Life that Matter within Your Situations
Humanity is a Constant

We hope our time will help you take the time to understand just how valuable you are in God’s Eyes! Thank you Over 2500 Authentic Gifts from the Holy Land