What is it to be a Christian?

Different people have different answers,
but what does God think it means to be “like Christ”?

Maybe you are an atheist, and do not believe there is a God.
Or maybe you are agnostic and do not believe one way or the other.
There are some who if you ask them, they think they know all the answers.

No matter what you believe or do not believe you are welcome here.
This site is to help understand what Christ did.
This article is about how he did more than just physically die on a physical cross.
Beyond the Cross, how much do you think you know about what Christ did?

What people seek, they will find.

So there are 3 types of people who could be reading this.

  • People who choose to be Atheists, to reject God (some don’t like Christians).   http://www.thefreedictionary.com/Atheist
  • People who do not hate God/Christians, nor do they love God/Christians.
    They have never found a need to decide what they believed, or IF God mattered.  http://www.thefreedictionary.com/agnostic
  • People who tell others that they are“Christians” and believe that others need to know about God, the Bible, Heaven,Hell and so much more.  http://www.thefreedictionary.com/christian

No matter what your personal beliefs are, the purpose of this site is to look at the principles Jesus Christ applied to the situations that He lived through.  If you choose to apply those principles to your life is your choice.  But in the end, it is to help you realize why Jesus living the life He did helps God understand what we go through. 

Do you ever feel like no one understands what you are going through?

Sometimes people do not want to take the time to try and understand your situations.  Some times they are too self-centered to make time for others.  In the end it causes pain to the one who is rejected and neglected.  This is part of humanity – thus the situations you are going through, others have also gone through.  The things you struggle with your great-grandparents have struggled with.  People you meet online in different cultures and parts of the world also deal with similar situations.  Why?  Because humanity is a constant, no matter what the culture is, and no matter what the time line is.

Deep down everyone just wants to be loved and accepted for who they are, as they are.

Now …

To The Atheists:   The point of this website is NOT to point fingers at you that your choice to reject believing that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who came as a Son of Man (through a woman).   The point of this website is to talk about what Jesus did to and for others because of how He has a love for all of mankind.   When Jesus died on the cross, there were two men who hung on the other two crosses.  They mocked Jesus.  Later one of the men said … You are the Son of God, please do not forget me.  Jesus said to him, today you will be with me in paradise.  To the other, Jesus respected his choice to reject Him as the Son of God, and Jesus said nothing to him.   Please forgive the people who call themselves Christians and feel like they need to push their God down your throat – because they are not acting in a way that Jesus would have talked to you.   Jesus never yelled at someone and told them that they were going to hell because they sinned.  But at times people do not always know how to communicate, even if they are not zealous in what they are trying to say.   Also please realize that many people who learn about God and Christianity do so in order to try and find their way to God and life beyond.   If you say you are a true atheist, then forgive them, and realize they are responsible for their choices, just as you are for yours.   The conclusions you have come to in your life are due to things you have been taught, experiences in life you have gone through (good and bad).   That is the same for others as well … so the conclusions others have come to in their lives is due to the things they have been taught, experiences in live they have gone through as well.   If you have read, or will read the Bible and the Gospels where you will see that the people Jesus fought with the most were people who were taught religion, but did not know or act in a way that God approved of.   If you believe there is no God, and you want to be respected for in the way you want to believe – then with respect accept those who want to believe there is a God. To The Agnostics:   Maybe you have never felt like you needed to give God much thought.  Some people grow up in cultures and or families that do not talk about God.  It is not that God is avoided; it just was never part of the lifestyle.   There are some other people who have seen how others act and behave … on both sides … some oppose God with a strong hatred while others defend God with a condescending attitude.  To which neither is appealing and to just stay natural seems like the best way to keep the peace with everyone.   Science also has been able to prove and support many things, and other things the logic in which it is taught is on the surface acceptable.   Please note … that this website is not to argue with why you believe what you believe.  So if you want to believe in science, it is your choice.   (Note – both evolution and creation believe that everything in our universe started instantly out of nothing … either it is a big “bang” or it is “God said let there be …”)   Since this is about how Jesus bridges the gap between man and God, this is about how and why God made people, and why we do matter and why people are loved by God.   Before God created people, He created the heavens and all that is in it.  The angles were created to honor him, as they praise and worship him.  Some got prideful, and choose to reject that, and they are the fallen angels.  When he created us he gave us our free will, and our freedom of choice.  Thus it grants you the ability to choose how you want to believe and why.   Have you ever been in love with someone but they did not love you back?  Maybe they did not even know you liked them, and you never told them because you didn’t think they wanted anything to do with you … but if they would have been nice to you or if they would have tried to have spent time with you, then you would have been able to show them that you did love them.  You cherish someone who loves you back.   Well God will let you believe what you want to believe.  But if you choose to love him, He will cherish you – His desire is to not be found.  If you look for him or not, You are here now.  So welcome and feel free to look around and see if you find anything interesting. To The Christians:   No matter how long you have claimed the title of a Christian, please realize a few things First … It is NOT a title to be taken lightly.   The Bible talks about how sin separated mankind from God, and how God created a unique method that no-one other than the Son of God could come and become the Messiah for all mankind.   The Greek word for Messiah is “Christ” so “The Messiah” is also “The Christ”.  Jesus Christ created a bridge for us to develop a loving relationship with our God.   To be a Musician, you study Music and discipline yourself within what makes good music.   To be a Christian, you study what Jesus did to help others see that God Loves them, forgives them, and wants to have a personal relationship with them.   Have you ever read the whole Bible?  It is sad to say, but there are many people who think they claim the title of “Christian” and then they do not need anything more.  Or they think that if they say they “believe” there is a God, and then they are ok.  Yet where did Jesus ever say that was enough?   PLEASE REALIZE When you say you are a Christian, people are watching you.  And because of your choices, your actions and your justifications … people will either accept God, or reject God.   Imagine your life here on earth is over, and it is now the Final Judgment with the Judge who’s Judgments actually matter.  Are you ready to answer to him for how you used his name “Christ” as your title of position as a “Christian”?
(Did your title Christian harm others
or did it help others find God?)   Or are you unable to even imagine what it will be like facing God?  Maybe you think believing there is a God, and claiming his title will get you into heaven.    Salvation does Not equal Sanctification.   The man who died on the cross beside Jesus and asked to not be forgotten, and by God’s Grace, Jesus said to him that they would be in paradise together that day.  The man did not make amends for his actions towards others, yet he also did not have a chance to sin any longer.  He also did not justify why he should be able to live in a way that did not bridge the gap for others to see God. 

Christianity is NOT about lots of Rules.

It is about obeying 1 rule

When you obey that one thing – everything else falls into place.

Yes God gave Moses the 10 Commandments for the people to follow (In Deuteronomy Chapter 5).  After that there is another one that when it is followed then all of the other 10will automatically be followed as well. When someone follows the greatest commandment, they cannot break any of the other 10 commandments that God gave in Deut 6:4-7.  It is to Love the Lord Your God with all of your heart, with all of your soul, and with all of your strength. 

When you truly fall in love with God, and Love him with everything you have, you will not put anything above him, nor will you go out of your way to do things to “piss him off”. People do not go out and cheat on someone they are deeply in love with …they cheat because they are being selfish, some may be seeking revenge, others may be seeking love and acceptance … either way … when you are in love with God, then out of love and respect you choose your choices.

Obeying to Love – simplifies everything. 
And when it comes to a point of Loving to Love, then it is no longer a matter of “obeying” it is out of love that you choose to love.   When people see that, it is an amazing thing that bridges the gap to where people see that there is something different within a person who calls them self a “Christian”. In those situations, the depth of the principles applied leaves a lasting impression on those who see God working through others.   And in reality – it is what the world is yearning to see more of.  It becomes the refinement of selfless choices that brings forth sanctification. 

Yet here we are …

So now what?  What kind of a personal relationship do you want to have with the Almighty God of the Universe, His Son, and The Holy Spirit? If you want to remain as you are, it is your choice … but … if … maybe there is something within your soul that is interested in reading more than …welcome … and please continue on.

What to expect …

For those who have never even opened up the Bible before. 
It IS a book that is to be read from the beginning to the end.

There is an Old Testament, and a New Testament. 

  • The Old Testament talks about how God loves people no matter what they are doing or going through.  It also sets in place how God’s plan of using a Passover Lamb to be the sacrifice to redeem mankind and to give us hopes that our life after death does not need to be feared.
  • The New Testament starts with the four Gospels –Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  All four of those people speak from a different personality of how they witnessed Jesus and his life here on earth.  It then goes on until Revelation where in that book; John speaks of different things he sees in Heaven, the end of the world, and much more.

The focus of this is on what Jesus did do while he was walking on the earth, so those who choose can have a better walk with God as they sincerely try to live a life that God sees as a life pleasing to him.

At this time, not all of the content within this website is completed – but there is enough for you to get started with.

A “quick overview” of the four gospels is completed in four weeks.
In that overview a few chapters will be read every day and then principles of what Jesus did or what he did not do are listed.  There are more than what will be listed, so feel free to add what you see He did or didn’t do.   You never know … your post may be just what another person needed to read at the time they found your post.

In the end –

The purpose is to have a better understanding of the character of what a “Christian” should be, but to accept everyone in their imperfect journey along their path.  God loves everyone, but Jesus did not invite everyone over for Dinner.  So just because you try to help bridge a gap for someone to see God … it does not always mean you need to invite them into your inner circle.  Yet Jesus never justified any reason to not forgive someone, no matter how they hurt him.  Maybe that might seem a little too deep fo ryou at this moment, but please realize that it is a journey. 

God understands your heart. 
He sees if you want to try and struggle along the way. 
He sees you choosing to justify your desires which draw you away from him. 
He will not control you.

But IF
If you desire to understand God on a deeper level, understanding the principle she applied matters.
IF you choose to apply them, they do matter to your current situations.

This is NOT about making prejudice choices about anyone who believes differently than you do.
(NOTE – prejudice = pre judge{ments} … Do you like it when people pre-judge you?)


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