We are SO excited that you are interested in joining us on this wonderful journey.  Learn about who Jesus was, and who He still is.  Following His example, helps you to be a better human.  We do not expect you to be born of a virgin as He was, nor do we expect you to be perfect.  We hope you are here just because there is something within you that just wants to learn a little bit more about who He is.  (Which would be why you need to sign up and join us.)

It is OK if maybe you have experienced a few hardships in your life, and even if you are mad at God, that too is still ok.   You are not the first person who was upset with God.  He has had people hate Him before.  Even Jesus had people who did not like Him.  So you are still welcome to join us.

Thank you for your time, please fill out the information below.

I sign this with a Personal Thanks – from Heidi von Liebenstein

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